Our Firm

I have practiced law in the Town of Riverhead for approximately 40 years. During that period of time, I have been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people, both in the practice of law, but most importantly, as clients. Essentially, from the beginning of my practice until today, my firm has provided and continues to provide a wide range of services to our clients in a courteous, professional and caring manner.

Riverhead Law FirmOur current practice has, as a major component, a wide ranging family and matrimonial practice. We have been deeply involved in matrimonial litigation, divorce, separation, annulment and all ancillary issues, such as child support, maintenance, custody, visitation, equitable distribution of assets, and counsel fees, just to name a few.

We have represented parties in Family Court in adoptions, child abuse, neglect, PINS Petitions, Juvenile Delinquency Petitions, support, custody, and relocation.

We have represented both fathers and mothers, equally. We pride ourselves on the fact that everyone who enters our office is entitled to the same quality representation, whether they be rich or poor, of varying ethnic backgrounds.

During my career, I have represented parties in criminal matters, ranging from traffic tickets to homicide, and virtually everything in between. As a former Assistant District Attorney and Special Prosecutor, my background in the criminal justice system has been and continues to be extensive.

Often when one represents a client, one may end up representing his or her entire extended family. As a result of same, our real estate practice grew to the point where we have represented purchasers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties within the State of New York. We have assisted our clients with obtaining mortgages, clearing title problems, and seeing to it that their real estate matter is handled in a professional and courteous manner, as quickly and in as expeditious a manner as is possible.

My firm is also actively involved in real property, commercial, and other civil litigation. We have represented landlords and tenants. We have represented homeowners, builders, borrowers and lenders.

In the field of wills and estates, we have been extensively involved in assisting our clients in estate planning, elder law planning, the preparation of wills and trusts, and the probate and administration of estates. We handle, amongst other things, contested estate litigation.

In all instances, in all Courts, and in all matters for which we are retained, we attempt through our best efforts to resolve cases without the necessity of a trial. The costs of litigation are often staggering, but when discussions and good faith bargaining do not produce an appropriate result, we will try your case professionally, aggressively, and in an expeditious a manner as the Court will permit.

We at our firm recognize the frustrations of clients when cases don’t move as quickly as they would like since there is an extensive backlog in all courts. Since our practice is small, we all get to know the clients and their needs so that if either of the attorneys is unavailable, then the other can answer questions and deal with problems that may arise.

I am extremely pleased to advise that I have been fortunate enough to have a skilled associate, Danielle Turturo; a skilled paralegal, Colleen Grattan-Arnoff and a skilled secretarial staff, all of whom have been with me for an extensive periods of time, all of whom show a level of competence and a devotion to their jobs that is unparalleled.

This office prides itself on meeting the needs of its clients. Copies of virtually all correspondence and pleadings received and sent on behalf of the client are also sent to the client so that essentially the client’s file and ours will be the same. It is important to us that all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction, fully and completely, and that you have a complete understanding of what is happening in your case.

We look forward to representing you and protecting your interests.  Please feel free to contact us here.

Harvey A. Arnoff